Elegant and also a little bit edgy, the jewellery of the collection are everyday companions for the free spirits and nomads of this world. Bird silhouettes fly smoothly over hands and ears.

»I love to travel in my mind and around the globe.«

When the migratory birds moved southwards in large swarms, I wondered as a child what the exotic countries they visited looked like. The silhouettes of the birds in the sky are for me a symbol of independence and freedom. The curved forms and flowing structures of the Nomads collection are a statement of this.

As important to me as the design is the processing. I forge all Mokume Gane jewellery in the collection by hand. Each piece is unique and I make sure that shape and pattern harmonize with each other. It is important to me that you enjoy your jewellery for a long time. For this reason I only use high-quality materials. During the production I pay attention to uncompromising quality.