About me

To create lasting pieces of jewellery with an intrinsic soul: from the creative design to the actual completion, I am inspired by the dialogue with precious materials as well as the spiritual dimension of a design.

Even as a child I built small objects out of everything I could lay my hands on and passed them on to my friends as a gift. When we find these »pieces of jewellery« years later now, we laughingly remember the good old times. Jewellery bears memories.

After my formal education and training as a goldsmith, I was awarded a scholarship promoting gifted artists by the government. I thus successfully completed my Master’s degree, which also qualifies me to train apprentices. For a few years, I then followed my wanderlust and worked as a master goldsmith and trainer in Namibia. An intensive period which had a strong influence on my craftsmanship as well as personal development.

Back in Germany, I opened my shop TIMBI DESIGN. Complex techniques had always appealed to me, so I tested my patience by enamelling, etching, treating platinum, and combining multi-coloured precious metals. This inevitably led me to the Japanese welding technique Mokume Gane – its multi-faceted design possibilities will intrigue me forever and build the focus of my creative work nowadays. The result is timeless jewellery that is easy to wear. And it is still valid today: every piece of jewellery is unique and a keepsake of a treasured moment in your life.